A tribute to the Final Fantasy series

I assume some of you have already watched this aminated tribute to the Final Fantasy series? No offense to anyone who loves the Final Fantasy games, but I haven’t laughed at anything so uncontrollably in a long time.

Check it out


I loved the part at the beginning where Cloud is struggling to lift up his huge sword. I always wondered how he could somehow lift a sword that was twice his size without being crushed beneath its weight.

I loved the little chocobo-sing along-karaoke-thing!!!

And the lyrics were awesome!!

My particular favorite parts is when Kain jumps upon Squall, Terra going nuts in her magitek machine, and the poor confused look on Cecil’s face as he watches Tifa Even though Locke seems to be enjoying it… XD

I really like this one in particular because they actually put in the characters before FF7. I am a FF6 fan, so I got quite a kick out of this. =D

Wasn’t Final Fantasy IV (4) released in America as Final Fantasy II (2)? And wasn’t Final Fantasy VI (6) released as Final Fantasy III (3)?

I remember reading that somewhere.

Yes. It caused some confusion but I prefer to keep calling it FF6.
It is the pretty much the only FF that I think is really worth playing.

I’ve never played any of the Final Fantasy games.

I’ll probably get a Playstation One for my birthday, then I’ll get Origins, Chronicles, and VII sometime afterwards.

Gave up on Final Fantasy 7 on disk 1. Gave up on Final Fantasy 6 after going into the menu and seeing disgusting artwork, shortly after having heard the game’s pathetic excuse for a battle theme… was on for about 10 minutes.

Yeah, pretty shallow-minded, but if you enjoy the games, my not playing them really doesn’t affect you.

I did play through Final Fantasy X. Pretty decent game, though nothing mindblowing. People thought full speech in the game was impressive… whoopie, saw that in Panzer Dragoon Saga about 5, 6 years earlier?

Currently actively playing Final Fantasy XI, which pretty much is like Phantasy Star Online in that the gameplay and everything is totally unlike the rest of their respective series. Have a ton of screenshots here.

Well, after enduring the extreme hype that was bestowed upon Final Fatansy 7 (even by the journalists of PC gaming magazines who couldn’t resist becoming fashion-victims themselves), I was quite disappointed with the game when I finally did play it.

I resent the fact that this RPG was given so much attention and so much praise by so many people, when a better RPG (namely Shining Force 3) wasn’t even translated in its entirety. I will always resent Sony and those who dare to call themselves RPG fans for their utter hypocrisy when they claim the Final Fantasy games are so popular merely because they are so good.

That’s not to say they are bad games, as I’m sure they are “good” games in their own right, but they are by no means always the best RPGs that the RPG genre has to offer.

Pathetic excuse for a battle theme? You gave up on a game for the reasons of “Poor” artwork and music? The game had more than one battle theme mind you, “The Fierce battle,” “Dancing Mad.” are probably some of my favorite music picies in any game I have yet to play.
Yoshitaka Amano did the art work for the series, as well as some other games, comics and even some animes. I must say, I do like his art style.

I can understand the mixed reactions on people liking or disliking ff7. I would say that the game is good, not the best, but a good RPG. It is certaintly not the best of the FF I have to say. The ones I think that are worth the play is ff4 and ff6.
I am a RPG fan, I have played many titles to some well known ones like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears to some lesser known ones like Panzer Dragoon Saga, Phantasy Star, and Robotrek.
I just dont think it is right for someone to really bash a series until they actually had a taste on some of the games. I have already told you what I would recommend of the FF series, and honestly, they are some of the best games I have ever played. I have played FF6 many times over than some of the RPGs I have listed above. I simply like it because there is no centralized character, the villian is not some cool looking bad ass but truly deserves a title to be one of the best villians I have seen in any game, noble chracters like General Leo proved that there were good people in a evil Empire.
Anyone who actually played this game to the final battle would know what I would be talking about anyways. I dont see this as another FF game, I just see it as a RPG that had much potential but is now overlooked because it is now pretty aged by today’s standards.

Although I do understand your part on the translations Geoffrey, as FF4 had that problem as well. Having played it American counterpart (FF2) and then playing it on the PS1 not too long ago, I understood the game much more better, it especially helped with chracters like Kain, Edge and even Cecil.

I am not trying to sound like some freaken fan girl, although that may now be too late. ^_~ but it is just simply because out of these particular game series, these are the ones that are overlooked because of the popularity of the newer FF. I really do not care for the newer ones, I got bored with 8, 9 was a waste, I wont even consider 10.

so yeah, my thoughts anyways…
gets off soapbox.

Many people don’t seem to realise that better RPGs existed before Final Fantasy 7 but these people treat them as if they never even existed. I find that annoying.

I think what Final Fantasy 7 did for the RPG genre is both a good and bad thing. On one hand RPGs have entered the public eye as games able to contend with the types of games that will always be popular (like sports titles), but on the other hand no one will buy anything other than what is deemed popular by anyone with the marketing power to advertise it as such to a large enough audience. Basically, big companies control the flow of mainstream titles.

I wonder how “revolutionary” Final Fantasy 7 would’ve been without Sony’s ubiquitous marketing power pushing it into the public eye. Planescape: Torment, a better RPG in every respect, sold well over time simply due to word of mouth, yet it went unnoticed by all but the most discerning of gamers.

Don’t wanna pass by as a FF defender (:P) but Planescape is a different type of RPG Geoff.I wouldn’t even include FF7 and Planescape in the same directory.

Why not? They are both RPGs.

Besides, Torment isn’t the only great RPG to go unnoticed by mainstream gamers due to lack of advertising or because such RPGs weren’t made by Square-Enix or because the gameplay deviated from whatever is considered the norm. In the case of Torment, gamers didn’t appreciate complexity of the story and the huge amounts of dialogue.

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]

Why not? They are both RPGs.

Besides, Torment isn’t the only great RPG to go unnoticed by mainstream gamers due to lack of advertising or because such RPGs weren’t made by Square-Enix.[/quote]

I’m not sure if Planescape would really have sold more copies if FF didn’t exist. FF 7 and 8 were released on PC too, but they didn’t compete with Planescape in terms of sales on PC.

But if it was made by Square-Enix and was backed by Sony’s far reaching marketing power, it would have.

All I’m saying is RPGs don’t sell on merit alone these days, otherwise Panzer Dragoon Saga would’ve sold more copies than it did (it is a great RPG by all accounts, so why did so few people buy it?).

Geoff:The games are completely different.Like you said P:T is full of dialogue and well it has that western/PC RPG taste to it.FF7 doesn’t.

That wasn’t my point. My point was that a great RPG went unnoticed by mainstream gamers. Do you have any idea why? I certainly do.

Mainstream likes more linear plots methinks.

Sorry Geoffrey but…bullshit :slight_smile:
Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 are the same type of RPG as Torment and yet they and their expansions sold by the truck load and those were made after FF VII as well. It’s a totally different type of game than console RPGs and also a totally different audience they aim to please.
The fact Torment didn’t sell is because it wasn’t advertised, if ppl don’t know about something they don’t look for it whereas BG1 and 2 WERE advertised. Maybe you didn’t see their adverts because they were mostly on gaming sites and such. Console owners however need magazines and TV to see the adverts thats why it’s more noticable to you, while every PC owner browses the web.
Also not all great games sell by far regardless of being RPGs or not. Some of them advertised as well. Just look at the recent Prince Of Persia and Beyond Good And Evil which were totally ignored by everyone even tho both are amazing games. Is that Squaresoft’s fault too? They aren’t RPGs.
Just stop blaming Squaresoft for everything because atleast on the PC market they have absolutelly NO EFFECT and people don’t wait drooling for their next game at all.