A theory Just struck me

… While reading Kimimi’s translation of the PD2 document.
It’s about multiple mutated coolias being born even if the Lundi is already breeding Lagi.

First, all of us think that one day, the heresy program thought something like "those living things need help, I’m gonna upload myself in their world."
But who said the program could choose the exact host he wanted? at the exact place?
What I think is that mutant coolias are, in fact, really just mutant. I don’t know the proximity of Lundi’s village from any tower, but maybe the Heresy program used the towers’ own influence areas to introduce some kind of generic mutation gene, so that some coolias (plural) could become mutated, and potentially become under the direct influence of the program in sestren. So, the mutations wouldn’t mean a dragon appearing EVERY time, but more of a chance for one to spawn, if the program within sestren wanted to. Likely, the heresy program thought that mutating single coolias was risky, because they would have a chance to die (or be killed by its breeders), so the program planted “seeds” into the world, and as coolias are common, they would be a good host for a gene that can’t mutate every time for sure, and keeping a decent chance for the mutated ones to survive to finally (maybe) become the unique incarnation of the heresy dragon.

hey, re-reading it, it doesn’t seem as crazy as I first thought.

Please, by all means, add your thoughts, I’m in class right now and rushed this first draft, I intend to define it more, and maybe add it to TWOTA as I did with my “gun factory theory”, if SoloWing agrees.

Before my own view on Panzer Dragoon became infected by all these details, from theories and such… :anjou_love:

My general impression had been similar, that the Dragon was sort of a numbers game being played by the Heresy Program. And it’s in line with a more holistic take on the Sestren system that I’ve been inspired to conceptualise lately. The crux of it is that the distinction made of mutated-type monsters is consistently one of convenient classification, rather than a clear discrepancy of purpose or nature.

Throughout the Panzer Dragoon games, we never hear that it’s pure-type monsters that keep humanity in check, it’s just monsters, as in all monsters. By contrast pure-types are consistently portrayed as typically staying near other ancient facilities and only coming to life when a direct threat intrudes. If pure-type monsters are a part of Sestren’s grand rejuvenation, they sure aren’t contributing much to the environment, since all they seem to be good for is killing.

At any rate I’m all for the idea in general KBlack, in my view of things mutated-type monsters are far from the outcasts of Sestren’s plan, but the very backbone of it. Which makes how the Heresy Program got to Lagi a little less of an issue, and maybe also a little more interesting?

haha, sure, they are details, that Team Andromeda maybe didn’t think that much about, but hey, all the fun of PD lies in understanding this strange world…

… and killing much of what is within it, of course. :anjou_embarassed:

As for mutated monster, they are also the “violent nature of living things” to me, and I still doubt, like you, Heretic, that they are really mutated from the pure types. Maybe sestren used them to make the world inhabitable? Maybe they are not only good to kill? Think about it: Nature itself needs plants to purify the atmosphere, retain ground from being taken by the erosion from the elements… I think the mutated monsters in PD work relatively the same as today’s tree: humans becoming few, different breeds of monsters eating, living and battling among each other could be a stimuli to help the world’s prosperity in the long term. But if this is the case, did sestren choose this solution after the “great fall”? or did it come as necessary after the ancient age had fallen?

… so many questions

Hmm, I’ve actually always thought of the Heresy Program itself as much like a recessive genetic profile within Sestren… shrug

And to me the question of how the mutants fit into the plan comes down to this. Do you think of Sestren’s process in terms of rebuilding an ecosystem or not? An ecosystem implicitly consists of both flora and fauna, and I just don’t see the odd Tobitama bird cutting it based on the view we’ve been given of the Panzer Dragoon world.

[quote=“Heretic Agnostic”]Hmm, I’ve actually always thought of the Heresy Program itself as much like a recessive genetic profile within Sestren… shrug

And to me the question of how the mutants fit into the plan comes down to this. Do you think of Sestren’s process in terms of rebuilding an ecosystem or not? An ecosystem implicitly consists of both flora and fauna(…)[/quote]

Exactly what I wanted to say, you got it right… Sorry if my last post was hard to understand, I actually speak french… well most of the time :anjou_happy: , But I think my english is pretty good.

Your written english is better than the average I see from American net posers, possibly including myself. Unfortunately that’s not really saying anything… but I understood you just fine, I was only strengthening the case to ‘hear’ myself talk. :anjou_happy:

Sure thing, I could do that once you’re touched up the things that you were going to. There are some similar ideas to your theory here, which you may like to have a read through as well, if you haven’t already:

panzerdragoon.net/theories/h … theory.php

Yeah, the core idea is very similar to Geoffrey’s theory, though that part is not quite presented as the clear focus of the article. Since it wasn’t that radical an idea to me in the first place I was more hung up on the things in the article that didn’t gel with me than the ones that did. Like portraying the “bad omen” part as mere superstition.

I want to keep this discussion going though KBlack, if you’re interested. I get the impression the old-guard are either busy or just talked out right now. :anjou_disappointment:

Some of my viewpoints are perhaps more metaphysical in nature than the usual, but here’s a companion notion I’ve had. Even in our own world right now there is a certain segment of pseudo-science theory that proposes the human brain as equivalent to an antenna interfacing with a different order of consciousness. As yet no one has been able to define a strictly material model that will explain the full capacity and dynamics of our ‘minds’.

So adopting that basic idea, it could be argued that an organism would need to reach a certain level of sophistication, or maturity, to become a fully suitable ‘receptor’ for the Heresy Program. I mean even on a gut level it makes a certain sense, would anyone believe in the Heresy Fruitfly?

You may have been alluding to something close already KBlack, or not I can’t say. But I have been writing stuff to make sense of my own theories, and things have been spiralling out of control, turning into something closer to theology than theory. And this whole concept was fitting in a little too well, seeing my own things between the lines? :anjou_happy: