A Proper Bestiary

Specifically of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Does anyone know if one exists? The in game Bestiary is kind enough to list things like the creature’s size and attack names, but I haven’t yet found a “refight” option and so I’m having to play the entire game over again to find out what the attacks actually do and how much HP the monsters have.

Orta is fine as is since it’s quick to play through, but Saga is a big game. If anyone knows of an actual guide that lists the monster’s relative stats, behaviours, weak points, etc. it’d be a huge help for a certain pet project of mine.

I assume the guide books might contain that information, but I don’t have those (yet). Shadow, perhaps you can answer this question?

Hmmmm. How about for Zwei? I see mention of enemy names in the 100% Winged Death Guide but have absolutely no idea where they would come from, since Zwei doesn’t even HAVE a bestiary.

Zwei’s enemy names come from the Japanese game guides as far as I know. In terms of figuring out HP for Saga enemies it can be very frustrating to figure this out. I tried to do it for my FAQ, got up to the desert and basically gave up. I definitely remember Pattergo have EXACTLY 23hp because that’s what your lasers needed to average to “Excellent” the fight.

The exact HP isn’t necessarily needed, I’m just trying to figure out where they stand relative to each other. Something with its healthbar into half yellow is definitely tougher than something that’s all orange, etc.

I keep meaning to check the guides. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten.

The Azel guides don’t seem to be particularly helpful, from what I can gather the information they provide is probably already in the game itself.

Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon Zwei on the other hand is a most interesting book when it comes to the enemies… if you can read Japanese, I imagine. It looks like it has more information than the game, anyway… but I can’t see any stats other than enemy dimensions.