A PDS related question for Lance Way

Lance, If you didn’t read my site update in my other topic, I’m currently in the process of creating my own unique Panzer Dragoon Saga guide. I’m taking my time with it and it will be totally original, my own work. To let you know, I’m just using your PDS secrets guide as a reference to do my Divine Overview sections, contained within my PDS guide. I will give you credit where credit is deserved. You wrote one of the most excellent and detailed secrets guides for PDS. My overviews, while containing secrets, will also contain a quick recap of what you had to do in each area. It will be entirely my work, with my own screen shots and such. Here is what I have so far http://www.panzerdragoonsaga.0catch.com/pdsguide.html

Okay, now for my question. I’m not to far in writing my guide. You know the first camp site area you can access, the one that appears after leaving Excavation Site # 4? Well, it is here that you are first given the option to name your dragon as well as pet and smile at it. Is it possible to learn Astral Phantoms at this camp site? I must have pet, leave camp site, enter camp site, wait until morning, pet dragon, repeat, at least 70 times(Hay I counted!) I pet the Dragon only, as you said in your secrets guide, it was your best bet, and better than just smiling. I really wanted to know if it was possible, but It doesn’t look like you were supposed to be able to learn it at this early point in the game. So when you get to the Village of Cainus Camp Site (Not at this point yet), can you acquire Astral Phantoms in one sitting (pet, leave camp site, enter camp site, wait until morning, pet dragon, repeat), without playing through the game and petting the Dragon as you go on? If not, do you know at what camp site, or point in the game it is possible to get the special attack in one sitting? If you can get it at the Cainus Camp Site, do you know how many times it takes? If you could help me. it would be really great. Thanks in advance Lance.

One last thing, I have taken youur advice and completely overhauled the Juba’s Corner section on my site. It now can be understood to anyone who hasn’t played PDS, and isn’t entirely in the Juba’s script from the game. What do you think, did I do a good job? Is it better and more interesting than before?

Meh… There’s a thing called Private Message when you want to only talk to a certain person… It sure is better than making a whole new topic where over 50% of its content is the same as the last reply you made to your other topic…

You cannot get the Astral Phantoms on disc 1. The absolute earliest I recall getting it is right after enabling Protect Key 3 in Uru on Disc 2 (I went back to camp because I was spamming for Closeness points). More usually, I get it before facing the Armada on Disc 3.

Hmmm, Okay, when I get to the beginning of Disk 2 I’ll go to camp right away. On my PDS save file I haven’t named the dragon yet. So I’ll name him and begin to pet him multiple times on disc 2, to see if I get it. Thanks for the info by the way. I wonder if Lance knows the true answer to this question?

It seems I’ve answered the first part of your question in your site updates topic, so check there to see it. =) If you do want to aim questions directly at me, private messages are definitely the best way to go, as Alex said; I’ll often notice them quicker than a forum post, too.

As for the Astral Phantoms question, I’m afraid my answer is the same as Arcie’s: the most common time I’ve learned them is during Disc 3, but I’ve also learned them towards the end of Disc 2 at least once, and I’m sure I’ve never had them on Disc 1. The exact criteria for learning the Phantoms is just one of those things that I never got around to working out completely, but if you’re trying to figure it out yourself, here’s some thoughts:

  • You can definitely earn the Phantoms before you go into the Underground Ruins of Uru on Disc 2, but you may not be able to earn them right from the start of Disc 2; if it turns out that you can’t, my next guess would be that you can learn them after Geogius / after reaching Uru.

  • I suspect the number of times you have to pet the dragon is more than ten but less than thirty. This could be calculated exactly by working out just how many Spiritual Closeness points you earn for smiling at the dragon or petting the dragon, and how many points you need to gain the Phantoms, though I expect they’re gained when you hit the full 100 points. Working exact details like this out will always be time-consuming though, especially seeing as the only place you get to view your Spiritual Closeness score is the results screen at the end of the game…

Thanks Lance, that was a big help. I’ll be sure to experiement with it and give you credit for helping me out, when I get to that section of my PDS guide.

Oh dear lord, no wonder you aren’t getting Astral Phantoms. Until you name your dragon, Closeness points stay at zero.

Edit: Since Legaia is talking about guides, I think I’ll hijack this topic to announce I am giving my own guide a makeover. I don’t like the look of it, it was difficult to navigate and I missed some information. Hopefully I will have it done by the 2nd week of September but…you know.

… I know :anjou_happy:

“just call him dragon”

Good stuff Arcie. To be honest, I should really give my old Panzer Dragoon Saga guide (the GameFAQs one) a makeover at some point too, but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to doing it now. :frowning: The thing’s very long and comprehensive, but everything else about the writing is kind of embarassing, and it’s even missing a few things that I’ve found out about in the last year or so.

Ah well, at least I’ll try and keep the mini “secrets” guide on TWotA up to date. Looking around my hard drive just now, I’ve found some unfinished updates for it that are dated February 2005, so now seems as good a time as any to get them sorted. :anjou_embarassed: