A PDO link for the collection

The Sega.com website that promoted Orta may be offline, but the authour has posted the text content. His name is Marc Cellucci, and here’s the link.

tiger-marmalade.com/~marc/wr … _orta.html

No pics, videos, flash/shockwave games, demos, etc. Just all the text he wrote, plus some introductory notes. Enjoy, or whatever.

Thanks Seeking Wing, though I’m afraid that page was discovered a while back; I managed to find it in a Google search that had nothing to do with Panzer Dragoon, and I posted about it shortly after. Thanks for keeping an eye out, though. :anjou_happy:

Oddly enough, although Sega of America’s PDO site has been offline for ages, they seem to have kept the Flash game online:


Quite a lot of official PDO content can still be found on Sega of America’s PR servers, too. As these are original press release images and things though, most of the filesizes are relatively huge:


Oh. Sorry for the redundancy, then. I did a quick search of the forums to see if it had been spotted, but came up zilch. I must have typoed.