A Panzer wing dragon garage-kit

I thought it could be interesting :

More pictures http://zzoull.free.fr/pwac.html

Pretty sweet, I think it’s your best so far.

Great work. I’d agree with Alex, this is quite possibly your best Panzer model so far.

Btw, I remember a while ago you were planning on taking a picture of all your models together for TWotA’s fan art section. Would something like that still be possible?

Looks awesome sell some on Ebay and I’ll be sure to buy one!

very nice! I wish I could do something like that…

Nice work!

That’s really cool! It’s never been one of my fave models though, you almost make it look better there, so I’d love to see the others too.

That’s a fantastic piece of work it’s a shame that its Panzer Wing though as I really dislike that form.

You’d be the first one.

Anyways nice work there :slight_smile: