A note on the Panzer Dragoon Saga credits page

This may not be the most interesting bit of news ever, but since this is the biggest info hub for Panzer info on the internet, I thought whoever runs the site might like to know this.

In the credits, there are two names in particular:

Bobby Amirkhanian (under “Testers”)


John Amirkhan (under “Special Thanks”)

It’s also noted that Bobby’s name is spelled “Amirkhan” in the manual.

Just to clarify what’s up with that: I know Bobby personally as I went to college with him (John is his dad, and also the person the Amirkhan Ring item refers to). When their family immigrated to the U.S, they changed their last name from Amirkhanian to Amirkhan. So for what it’s worth, it’s not a typo…although I’m not sure why Bobby’s proper last name is used in the credits and not the manual (or why it’s used at all, for that matter). I asked them enough about it, and I’d rather not prod them with questions. Still, I just thought maybe someone out there should know.

I’m not sure anyone even noticed this but I think it’s a pretty cool tidbit!

Welcome. Interesting piece of PDS trivia there, thanks for sharing.