A Nights into Dreams high score site some of you might like

A couple of Christmases ago there was a high score competition on this forum which I really enjoyed. It kind of piqued my curiosity about just how far scoring in Nights into Dreams can be pushed. I have been practicing for a while and over the past few months developed a site here


There seem to be a fair few fans of the game here judging be the “favorite game under PD” thread so I thought I a few PD fans might be interested.

There are about 10 players contributing scores, some of which are getting really impressive, most levels are now over, or very close to over, 600k with one over 700k. We have about 10 or so videos of 2.0 times on all the bosses, a few glitches and lots of strategies for various levels. There is a friendly forum with some high level gameplay discussion going on and new tricks being found all the time.

If anyone is interested, I would love to see a few more players, get some more scores for the site and perhaps see if we can find some new strats and push those scores even higher.

Nice, I would love for SEGA to put the Space Harrier rankings from Shenmue back up! LOL

are you gamefaqs’ dpurdu?

I am indeed dpurdu. It was a name I used along time ago when I first registered there. The NID board on GameFAQs seems to be dying a death though.

I think it jumped the shark when “Horrific NiGHTS news!!!” got to 500 posts, thanks to spamming twits. That was apparently the second oldest thread on a GameFAQs board before it got deleted.

Edit: Wow, someone broke 500k on Soft Museum. I always thought that was impossible. Shows what you don’t know, eh?

yeah that made everyone on the NiGHTS board upset =(
when i get NiGHTS out i’ll be sure to let you know my scores =)
got mucho revision to do at the moment =(

Yeah, its kind of wierd there NID board there seems one of the more active Saturn boards simply because people wanted to get long posts.

It looks like quite a few PD users came over to take a look though so thanks a lot for that. Anyone wanting to post scores is more than welcome when they have time.

Great site, thanks for the link. I’ll post some scores once i get back on form, it’s been about a year since I played.

I have a question:
Why are all the pictures on your site low-colour GIFs? o_O

^yeah I was wondoring that too (as you do), and why are all the buttons 2kb GIFs when they could be text with some hover CSS?

Thanks for all the kind comments and I would love to see some of your scores when you have the time.

[quote=“gearguy”]I have a question:
Why are all the pictures on your site low-colour GIFs? o_O[/quote]

Ah, That would be because its for all intents and purposes my fisrt website and I dont really know how to make websites. I will do some research on the mouseover css thing and see if I cant make it a little more tidy. Thanks for the observations.

I hope you dont have too much trouble with the getting back on form part, I found I remembered it fairly quickly.

Thanks for the link. I might have to dig out my old scores and see how they compare later if I can find my old videos. I recorded myself once on Soft Museum 1 doing a 300+ link. I just can’t remember if it ment much over or not. (I can’t believe I did that, I spent 3 months practicing non stop to do it. I’d drive myself crazy these days if I did that.)

Well, once you unearth your saturn feel free to post your scores. I am still working on the site and just put up a couple more videos.

Thanks very much to Gearguy and Grumbler, I had a little play and redid the buttons on the site as css like you both suggested and the site looks alot more slick now!

Also I found a wierd Puffy glitch where you throw Nights through a wall but leave puffy on the other side so you cant finish the level.

That’s a lot better, well done. :anjou_happy:

It didn’t looked bad at all, it was just a waste of bandwidth, and since you’re doing loads of videos on the site, that’s something you’ll need to keep an eye on. I’m making my first website at the moment with a mate called sega-army.co.uk - watch this space :anjou_happy: