A new Panzer dragoon fan with problems

Hi, i baught panzer dragoon in a store, it is an “xplosiv” series cd, but I can not get it to work properly in my XP because the controls are slow.

I am searching for a PC upgrade or something but I do not find anything.

I haven’t got the PC version to play around with, but Empire Interactive’s support page has the game flagged as incompatible with 2k/xp/vista, NTCompatible doesn’t have anything useful listed for it, and I’m not seeing a patch for it. Have you had any luck playing with the compatibility modes?

I will try, thank you.

I think the game is not supported.

I seem to recall someone on these boards getting the game working under XP, but I could be wrong. It may have been Lagi.

Lagi, can you confirm if this is the case?

I don’t think it was me- I have XP but never tried my PD PC discs.

you can download a demo if curious …

fileplanet.com/117573/110000 … agoon-Demo

The demo which I have up in the Accessories section runs my PC running XP, and the controls are fine. No sound though for some reason…

If I remember correctly, my Xplosiv copy ran fairly well, though looking no better than it would on a Saturn (and thus worse, as it was on a sharper display, allowing greater visibility of jaggies, etc. - hehe). However, I now use a Mac and haven’t yet tried running the game on Windows using Boot Camp.

I just installed the Xplosive edition on my current XP machine to see how things went. Strangely the game itself runs perfectly for me, with no problems with controls or sound. The one issue I found is that the FMV sequences don’t run: there’s just a black screen when they’re meant to appear, but pressing Enter to skip them when this happens still seems to work.

I did a full install of the game, and didn’t experiment with XP compatibility options.

Amusingly, the biggest problem I had when running the game was working out how to exit it, short of Alt+F4. Does anyone know what you’re expected to press?

I noticed while searching for the “quit” key that one of the F keys (F7?) brings up a bunch of video options, allowing you to up the resolution from the default 320x240 to 640x480. AFAIK this is significantly higher res than the Saturn PD would have been, though still hardly stellar by modern standards.

Ah, I remember those configuration buttons now. :anjou_happy: There were a few other things that you could do, but I can’t remember if I ever found a menu or another way to quit.

I have the same problem with slow controls, but strangely it ran fine on my old PC (also XP).