A little trouble~~

the website is excellent.
but…in China, i must use proxy to browse the site.
is there any easier way to browse the site? such as useing IP address?~~

There is one thing, i found that “Links->English Panzer Dragoon Websit->The Panzer Dragoon Language Dictionary (English Version)” can’t be linked.(404 not found?)

is there any one to help me. give me a document about “The Panzer Dragoon Language Dictionary”?

Thank you very much.
i apologize for my poor English. T__T

The Panzer Dragoon Language Dictionary is shut down for a long time.

I think there is one in another PD website,but I think you need to know japanese to understand what it means.

Hi, sorry of the delay in replying.

Unfortunately I can’t help you with the proxy program. In other countries we just type the url panzerdragoon.net into our web browsers. If I come across another way I’ll let you know, though.

Oh, and welcome to the forums. :anjou_happy:


i found a japenese web site about the Dragoon Language.