A Humble Store?

Looks like the team behind Humble Bundle might be preparing to launch their own DRM-free online game store. Some of the games can already be purchased from the Humble Store widgets via the developer’s website or by going to a unique URL. For example:


Some of the games include Steam keys, but not all of them. Pretty cool that you can get the benefits of Steam and a DRM-free copy with the same purchase.

Some of the games are a bit overpriced though, for example Braid for $20, even though it’s half that price on Steam.

Still, if Humble Bundle launch a full store for buying DRM-free games with Steam support I can see this being really beneficial for the indie scene (for both developers and gamers).

More DRM free offerings is always a good thing in my book!

Here’s an article about it for those interested.

indiegamemag.com/jeff-rosen- … orking-on/

“The Humble Store is something we are working on”

This might be of interest to some people here:


There still isn’t a storefront for all the Humble Store games yet, but in the meantime they’ll be promoting a game every week that you can pay what you want for. Similar to the Humble Indie Bundles, but for individual games. This week, Bastion.