A fan made trailer

I just stumbled upon this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIiuGYfSED8

I swear that’s Gamera’s voice being used in the trailer (or I might just be on crack).

Although, I’m not so fond of the main character, the animation and modeling are well executed. Nice work, whoever made that.

nice, finally something halfway decent :anjou_love:
the animation is a little stiff, i would probably add a little drag (3dsmax has a flex modifier that can also work on the joints of IK chains) to the skeleton of the dragon. and a little reflectiveness to the water would be nice.

And I swear the Dragon roar is the same sound effect used in SEGA GT 2002/online (when breaking).
Looks like somthing out of the new Golden Axe , Always nice to see fans try stuff out, but I’m getting bored of it all. Its time for SEGA to make a real tralier now

Aye! Let’s slaughter the men and take the women!!
I need a sequel :anjou_sad:!!

Awesome! Good to see that the Panzer Dragoon fandom is still alive on youtube. IIRC, Jan3d is a regular on the sega.com boards. Yes, it’s time for sega to deliver more Panzer Dragoon goodness.

It is really cool, the water is very out of place looking and the rider’s outfit doesn’t fit with Panzer styling at all… but I’m impressed.