8bitdo M30

I received the 8bitdo M30 yesterday and after significant playtime with Streets of Rage 3, Street Fighter 2, and Sonic 2 I can say this controller is amazing! It at minimum meets the standard of Segas original controllers, but I would go so far to say this is even better.

If you were on the fence, you should buy one! The dpad has that rubber texture to it and is extremely accurate. Rolling for specials is perfect. I can’t quite remember what the Genesis buttons felt like as I sold mine years ago, but these are firm and for lack of a better term, lovely to use. It is a bit more round and thicker than the Genesis controller, but I think it actually feels better. I have larger hands and it feels comfortable.

I don’t have a Switch to test, but it paired both to my Android phone via Bluetooth and my laptop via Bluetooth and USB. Worked perfectly on the laptop with emulators and Steam titles. On my phone emulators worked great and all the Christian Whitehead official Sonic ports recognized it right away. I tried playing some of the Sega Forever games and it isn’t getting recognized, though I am going to fault Sega for shoddy ports. That is a little disappointing, but those games play just as well with the emulator anyway.

If you like Sega six button style controllers, this is the one to beat at the moment!

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