87% of classic video games released in the United States are unavailable

Crazy statistic. :anjou_sad:

If only there was some way to acquire them. wink wink nudge nudge :orta_wink:

Before the Nintendo 3DS Eshop closure I bought all the 3DS games I wanted and a second 3DS system as well as some physical copies of some sought after DS games. Because the prices are just going to skyrocket in the future. I also, have an R4 Gold cart that lets me play the entire DS library.

And all this because of the scam that is Wata grading. Once Mario 64 Sold for 1.5 million everything went to hell!!!

Potentially this number is greater, as the study only sampled 4,000 games across 3 systems.

Confirming the release status of every video game published before 2010 would have been an impossible undertaking, so the report focuses on a sampling of 4,000 games released in the US on one of three consoles that have been chosen to represent different levels of community and commercial interest.

I think it’s a scar story about nothing, but it shows even if you had physical games it means nothing. Digital is probably the best way to preserve games.

The issue in the old days was there was no eBay and how many of us just threw all our Amiga, Zx Spectrum, Atari games Ect in the bin?. I remember when the like of Game UK were selling some Saturn games like The Hulk for a £1 in the bargain bin or how some of my mates, just threw out their Mega CD and games because there were worth little value (1995/6) and it was a pain listing the stuff in the free ads.

It’s scary what toys we threw out back in the days, that are worth a fortune now