4Gamer interview about Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record

Have a read of @Draikin’s summary:

Original Japanese interview:


Pretty interesting story about how the development came to be. There’s some concept art linked in the articles too.

So the most epic battles and moments from Panzer Dragoon, Zwei and Saga in a dynamic VR game. Sounds insane!

Feeling like your actually there, riding the dragon! It’s going to be awesome fighting Azel and Atolm, let me tell you! And I’m not too upset about only having 4 or 5 levels, because he said they would be high quality.

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I still have near-zero faith for the playable result based on their past work and all, but the art side is looking pretty promising. That’s basically how I remember Atolm and Shelcoof being, great interpretation of the trademark ancient technology materials and everything, unlike most other post-trilogy efforts. Thanks for the translation, there’s not much we didn’t know already about what the game will be but some nice behind the scenes of how it came to be. Hopefully that passion and drive will pay off, for developers and fans alike.

so this is prior work that became a prototype?

That prototype needed a lot of work…Hopefully it was just in the alpha or beta stages…The dragon just looked like an immovable plastic toy. And the way in which you fired the gun was a bit haphazard. Oh, well here’s hoping it can be truly polished and improved…

As mentioned in the other thread those are years old (or rather with little improvement from 4-5 years ago up to the latest stuff) so hopefully they’re doing much more this time for an official commercial project. But it’s basically why I have zero faith in this until they show something different. Hopefully they will soon. The game will probably be at the Upload VR Summer Showcase as the Voyage Record twitter account retweeted that announcement so we’ll maybe see some premise there. June 8 so not long left.

Well the continuation of PD as their original stated goal is absolutely one I support…unless they specifically mean continuing in VR. I can’t get behind that.