2011 Game of the Year

As this year draws to a close, it’s time to look back at the year in gaming. I’m asking you to pick out your one stand out game from the last year, and tell us why it was so great. Any game from any platform, go!

Well I’m getting Skyrim and Resistance III for Christmas

By my top games of the year so far are

Mario Land 3D - Its plays and feels like a classic 2D Mario only in 3D

Rage - Love the setting the mood of the game its plays great and has the best shotgun ever seen in a videogame

Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Its just simple pick and play that its done brilliantly

Child Of Eden - Its just looks so beautiful and so relaxing to play.

Virtual Tennis IV - A great return to form for the series , that just nails the balence between being a fun Arcade game with a hit of sim.

Sonic Generation - The Modern Sonic levels are some of the most fun I’ve had in any Sonic game and demand replays to take them all in.

Uncharted III - Just the wonderful interaction with the characters, the great story and possible the simulation of London yet :slight_smile:

Out of all that lot I would say RAGE is my GOTY 2011

Child of Eden. Because it’s trippy, unique, and looks great. As TA said, it can also be relaxing to play.

I think I am going to have to go with Deus Ex Human Revolution. Graphically it was okay, but I really dig the settings and story. Runner up would be Portal 2. My downloadable game of the year would probably be Bastion. Getting Skyrim for Christmas from the wife, but I just won’t have enough time with it to make that determination.;p

Portal 2 for me, I was quite surprised they managed to top the original and keep it fresh.

Xenoblade is a close second for providing a truly amazing JRPG experience that is both traditional where it should be and pushes the genre forward or in different, exciting directions where it’s necessary. A masterpiece, though not without flaws.

I am going to go with Sword and Sworcery. The game was given to me when I did not even knew it existed. The strange pixel art style, the weird dialog of the cast and the nice music made for a relaxing game. I was surprised with this one.

Child of Eden for me as well. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a close second. Come to think of it I actually played very few games this year, I haven’t even started playing the Ico/Shadow of the Collossus collection (I never played either of the originals since I didn’t have a PS2). That said the game I actually played the most is Starcraft 2, although it was already released last year. The PvP is still as fun as ever.

Though Portal 2 is a close second, I’m going with Gears of War 3.

Not a revolutionary game by any means, but it took a well established and (most importantly) fun series and updated it. Epic managed to keep it fresh whilst not losing the feel of the originals, something that is very hard to do.

I really enjoyed the closing of the trilogy. It was completely in line with the other games and the novels, and made perfect sense considering what had gone on in the universe previously. And four player co-op on this game is a pure blast.

Star Wars: The Old Republic. Combine Bioware’s cinematic storytelling and writing that you expect from their usual releases with an MMO that can be played as a single-player game, and you have a winning formula. The fact that KOTOR ties in heavily is an added bonus. Seeing what Taris looks like post-Malak is something else. The game has issues like any Bioware game, but its scope is insane, and I have seven other class storylines to experience beyond my current one. This game has more writing and voice acting than all of Bioware’s other games combined.

Based on a few days of playtime in Skyrim now, I have to say that this is at least tied for my game of the year now. Skyrim is much better than Oblivion and Morrowind. (I liked Morrowind better than Oblivion.) The gameplay is just solid. Tthe focus on the game and not a new engine paid off. (At least I don’t think this is a different engine than Fallout). Skyrim is a lot more polished than Bethesda’s previous efforts.

That game looks bizarre. And interesting. :slight_smile:

I look forward to trying it someday. I hear that players experience a continuation of Revan’s storyline (or what happened to him is at least mentioned) which sparks my interest.

Parn, is there anything that explains what happened to all the main characters in KOTOR2. It was ridiculous that they were not given the time to complete the game. I would have counted them as some of my favorite games of all time up until I got to the end of that game. I sold both of them off because of that and really lost a lot of faith in the franchise. I really hope they didn’t just kill everyone off.

You can find out what happens to Revan and Exile in the Revan novel.