20 years later, my collection is about to be complete

… as I won an auction for a copy of PDS PAL on ebay.
In fact, I realized I never owned any PD game myself, just borrowed them at the time.
I have now PD1 & 2 coming by the post.
PDO is home, waiting for me to play it for the first time ever. I just need the XBOX 1st generation to arrive.
And PDS should arrive soon.

The whole series in summary.

Regarding equipment, my SCART cable seems to be a bit “weak” after having tested it on a compatible TV. So I decided to go for a RGB gold plated cable to connect to my HD TV.
Is that as good as those SCART to HDMI adapters ? Or was there a better alternative to get the best image on a HD TV ?

Also, about the RAM carts, I don’t understand how a game like PDS did not offer the possibility to enhance graphics via RAM cartridge ?

I never owned any of those carts, neither backup cartridges, would you recommend me getting one of these ? or stick with the internal saving.

PS: Im still working on my text for the petition

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The backup cartridge is useful if you want to preserve your save files long term, otherwise you will lose them if you need to replace the lithium battery that comes with the Saturn. That said, the Panzer Dragoon games aren’t particularly long, so you can get away without one.

I just had a look at the wiki you linked to. Only 512k of storage… times sure have changed.

I would definitely recommend getting a Saturn Ram cart. Over the years for me, it has become increasingly annoying to have to keep changing the internal battery and like Solo said, losing my save files. Eventually, I just gave up replacing the battery entirely and just stuck with the Ram cart.

Congratulations on acquiring the full collection of PD games, by the way! I would recommend getting an official Saturn Memory Cart like this:


There is a slot in the back, on top of the Saturn, that it easily slides into. Once inserted just go into the Saturn menu to view or copy your save files from the internal memory if you need to.