2 things

one: in the cinepak viewer deal, it only lets me watch exactly 1 half of each video. does this happen to anyone else? is there something i can do to fix it?

two: the music that plays when edge finds azel pinned under the machine in the black ruins is the same music that plays druing azel’s message to orta in the sestren. i love that music.

It isn’t the best of viewers. My advice would be to just convert the movies you want to see to AVI (using the cpk2avi or acpk2avi converter) and view them that way.

Speaking of which, did anyone here ever get those movies to work with subtitles?

Yeah, it’s awesome. Panzer Dragoon Saga easily has one of the best soundtracks that I’ve ever heard.

I did :slight_smile:

lurker! kill it! kill it!

How? I tried placing those subtitles files in the same folder as the cpk file, but it didn’t seem to have any effect, even after converting the files to avi.

I must be doing something wrong…

You have to first convert the files to avi, then using some player capable of displaying subtitles, play the files.
Normally, if the avi have the same name as the subtitle, the player should recognise the subtitles and show them without problems.

I used to use media player classic (not the mp that came with windows), but other players like bsplayer work too.

And because I?ve done the conversion from the files on the disk to the subtitle file, I?m pretty sure they work. :wink:

Thanks, I’ll be testing it wish these instructions at some point.