1UP podcast with SOA

podcast.the1upnetwork.com/flat/1 … 010110.mp3
1UP Podcast with Constantine Hantzopoulos from Sega of America. In it he talks about a desire to improve the quality of the company’s output.

At 55:05 - he mentions talks about how he would like Sega to revive older properties with games worthy of the older entries to the series. Including an explicit mention of Panzer Dragoon Saga.
This doesn’t mean we’ll be a sequel anytime soon but it also means that hope is not ENTIRELY lost.

Since it’s rare for Sega to admit that they once had a series called “Panzer Dragoon” I feel this is worth sharing.

Maybe Avatar made winged weird things mass market enough.

I actually think a Western developer might be a better pick (maybe that is why this is coming from SOA) - it seems like Japanese games (unless they total westernize it, like RE5) just don’t have the sales to justify their costs …