12 Page Fable Preview on IGN


The game sounds like it’s shaping up to be something quite special. I hope that the developers have given the game a good storyline to go with it, because the storyline can make or break an RPG.

A sequel is already rumoured (spelt rumored in America) for the Xbox 2. Why is Microsoft wasting so much money funding the development of such a huge RPG anyway? I thought RPGs never sold outside of Japan? :slight_smile:

Seriously, Halo 2 and Fable should be two of the finest games to be released for the Xbox.

The truth is Microsoft can’t hope to launch the Xbox 2 in Japan without the support of a number of worthwhile RPGs. Thankfully, the number of excellent western-born RPG developers is growing. Bethesda, BioWare, and Obsidian can all compete with the likes of Square-Enix (and all those Square wannabe companies out there), so I don’t expect to see a draught of RPGs on the Xbox 2. Only time will tell.

I think it’s a step in the right direction when more and more RPGs are being developed for western audiences in mind first first, because it means we don’t have to wait ages, or forever in somes cases, for great RPGs to arrive after they’ve been developed. That’s something I’m not prepared to telerate anymore.

Also with the launch of Xbox 2, it would be aperfect time to release a PDS sequel for RPG hungry buyers. But to be realistic what are the chances of that happening.

As for Fable I think i’m just tired of medievel settings, and the good evil path choice has been done before. But I will admit the characters appearence change is a neat feature. I want an RPG with a sci-fi setting (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time) or an original setting that is totally different.

I don’t think they should have mentioned a sequel for Fable in the works just yet, they did that with Sudeki and that ended up being a flop in my opinion. While they could learn from their mistakes if it’s already in planning stages or beyond I just theink it will continue down the same path.

I hope Fable won’t be too ambitious for it’s own good. But i’d love to eat my own words :).

Who knows? Sega are making three Shining games at the moment, so the chances of a new Panzer Dragoon game might not be as slim as we think.

Fable sounds like it’s almost in a completely different genre than Japanese RPG. Western gamers seem to love games with lots of freedom such as Grand Theft Auto, so Microsoft may be counting on that for strong sales (while at the same time giving the Xbox another much needed RPG).

So it’s an RPG tailor-made for western audiences. Even better!

I wonder if it will be translated into Japanese.

The thing about Fable is that you make up the story. ^.^

As opposed to what? Having the story told to you? :slight_smile:

Personally, I prefer to have my games to have SOME form of direction. Morrowind threw me in the middle of a world and pretty much just said “go do stuff”. Its lack of focus lead to my losing interest very quickly. It just wasn’t the game for me.

I guess I just want a fair balance… I want some non-linear aspects in my games, but not so non-linear that there’s little to no decent story aside from what you make up in your head. Personally, I play MMORPGs for that kind of gaming fix… offline versions of that lack the interaction of other players, namely my friends I quest with, and thus aren’t nearly as exciting.

I guess what I’m looking for is a strong storyline that can branch off to multiple possible endings, endings based on the actions I take. Knights of the Old Republic was a step in the right direction, but it was restricted to two endings.

That’s how I feel as well Parn, which is why Dark Saviour on the Saturn is still one of my favorite RPGs. Although there were choices and multiple pathes, there was still an overall story and direction to take, with storybook characters etc.

I need to buy some new RPGs before I can make more informed comparisons. KOTOR was the last decent RPG I played, but the replay value of the game left much to be desired. Maybe that’s the problem with RPGs that tell great stories: when they come to their inevitable conclusions there’s little to no point in reliving the experience. I must admit, I’m certainly not averse to a linear RPG if it tells a good story; after all, no true RPG should be without a good story to push the player onwards.

The most enjoyment I derive out of an RPG is trying to figure out what the hell is going on, story-wise, and steering the course of the main character’s destiny. I hate just being along for the ride (I want to explore my surroundings), but sometimes, an RPG can be a veritable rollercoaster of intrigue. Customization is also something I think should be an integral part of any decent RPG.

I will have to see what the PS2 has to offer while I’m waiting for Dragon Age and Fallout 3 for the PC.