Will you buy a Switch to play Panzer Dragoon: Remake?

Nope. Nothing on the Switch interests me, and I’d rather miss out on the remake than have to buy a whole new console for it.

I’m pretty surprised by the negativity here. This is a site exclusively for a game that’s 25 years old and only has 4 main games. The fact we’re getting anything at all is damn near miraculous. I’m not saying “be happy to get anything”, I’m just shocked that most of what I’ve seen here so far is non-specific complaints. The one specific gripe I’ve seen written out is that the colors are too bright. That’s not a deal breaker for me.

I’ll be buying a switch for this game, and then I’ll also pick up Luigi’s mansion, Mario odyssey, botw 2… Probably some others.

I think it’s mainly just @Team_Andromeda who is completely negative about it.

Most of the Panzer Dragoon fans here have been into this series since the 90s. We have seen other Sega properties, such as the Shining series, become a shadow of their former selves since that time. Perhaps we’ve become a bit cynical or perhaps wisely skeptical of any new instalments to our favourite series.

There’s also the issue of the game only being announced for a brand that is generally associated with children (if you look at the first party lineup of the Switch this has not changed). Panzer Dragoon has always been a serious property (it doesn’t need to have gore everywhere to be mature) and I would argue that Nintendo is not a good match, compared to how the original Xbox was the best choice for Orta. While Panzer Dragoon fans have grown up and probably earn more now than ever, we also have new costs and responsibilities and less time to play games to justify buying a whole new system that may not see much use besides this remake. The comments on social media reflect this too.

It, looks horrible, too bright the sense of an ancient decaying civilisation gone, Water reflections gone, the lovely Italian Gothic-like architecture gone and replaced with something out of Triffids. Those lovely Japanese inspired Torii like arches gone, replaced with something that looks more like a collection of Nuclear missiles

Horrible on every level and I say that as someone who loves the Panzer Dragoon series and for me the 1st game is the best game ever made

Looks like another IP that SEGA is set to ruin

Dude, I read your posts and you are so over reacting.

Reminder that the original Panzer Dragoon looks like this


Choppy as hell. The art, the art ? crushed as hell with those pixels and textures. So as much as I like the original games (Saga being my favorite), you cannot expect this to be left untouched just up resed ?

As I mentioned in my other post, feedback can be provided to the producer of the remakes so that the final product can please as many of us as possible. But I feel some of us will never be satisfied anyway.

The Switch has become my favorite console.

It was my first console in 20 years since the Saturn. I was playing on PC Since.

I am not running into an explanation of why here.

But no one is forcing you to detach controllers, you can get the pro controller if you want. Forced accessories ? Why are they forcing you more than any other platform.

It might come on other platforms (it would be nice indeed) but if they had to choose ONE platform among ALL of them, Switch is definitely THE platform where this game can shine the most. People tend to try a lot of different things on Switch, it is a colorful game which is well suited for the Switch screen and audience. It has a lot of chances to get burried on other platforms (so old fans will buy it on PC/PS4/X1 but few new fans would probably want to try them).
I know I am damn right on that one. Dropping the reveal during the Nintendo E3 direct was so freaking smart to shed light on the series.

I’m not. The original is a classic this remake is up there with Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled of crapness. Bluepoint shows how a remake should and can be done. This looks horrid and BTW looking the original was made at the time when people said Star Fox was increabile and it had a frame rate of below 20fps) One could out in the Wizard mode cheat to up the frame rate, or play the rather nice Sega Ages version of Panzer Dragoon with the all the games classic style intact

You know the budget Bluepoint had ? you know the original game sold so much more and that cannot even be compared in terms of ambition for a remake ?

We should be grateful this even happened and looked this good. Those who want to help polishing this remake will send their feedback. As for others, I will have to leave this forum, the amount of negativity is just too high, my free time is too precious.

I wouldn’t imagine the budget Blue Point had for the ICO and SOC on the PS3 were that huge. Sure the PS4 remake was big, but that’s how one should handle a remake of classic IP. Me I would have had Land Ho make HD remasters of the original 2 games, rather than this.

Blueprint had the source code for each subsequent iteration of the ports of SOC (Which is the reason why SOC still has prehistoric controls btw).

Here they remade the game with no access to the source code. This was confirmed by the producer.

Are you serious? The SOTC remake is more unfaithful to the original art design than the PD remake. All of the original texture work by Team ICO was buried in shiny looking unreal engine! Not to mention Wander looked like a wooden doll as far as his look and facial expressions were concerned!

I want to clarify. I am not bashing the Switch, just that the current form factor and features don’t work for me. I honestly don’t have much time to play and rarely play anything on the go except emulators on my phone. I honestly want a standalone cheap switch I can just hook up to a TV. No portability required. I do think that from a business standpoint Nintendo could do better. Why force a portable system with an expensive dock accessory. They should offer different form factors. I want to see a standalone system ala the Nvidia Shield or traditional console for cheap. Use the same internals to make a portable Gameboy like system. For those who like the features of the current system, continue offering that form factor. I personally just want to hook one up to my basement TV and play it for cheap.

I will say that Nintendo’s current save architecture sucks. I have read about people having trouble with their system and losing save progress. That shouldn’t be an issue. Either they offer cheap cloud backup capabilities or offer a way to save games and restore them locally that doesn’t require jumping through crazy hoops.

As for this Remake. Not critical of it at all. As long as they get the story beats correct and it resembles the original, I will be happy. Nitpicking level styling isn’t for me. I am more of a story purist than anything.

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SOTC did not use Unreal and it looked a hell of a lot better than Panzer Remake.

It might have looked better but it completely buried the Team ICO design and texture work with pretty new engine aesthetics.

Don’t agree, but I do much rather the PS3 remake mind

Yes, I want to clarify that I am not bashing the Switch either. It has it’s audience. @Eliot-Ness you claim players on the Switch like to try new things - more than other platforms? Is there any data to back this up?

Unless you’re a Nintendo fan the Switch probably isn’t for you. I can’t really think of any amazing game besides the Nintendo franchises that is worth playing except, Octopath Traveler.

But if you are a Nintendo fan…Ohhhhh booooy…you have some quality games to play!

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Octopath Traveler looks interesting. It’s on Steam as well, so not entirely a Switch exclusive, but a console exclusive like Gris.

People I’ve talked to who own the Switch really like Nintendo’s games or play a lot on the go. I suppose there’s the argument that we never got a great portable Panzer Dragoon game and this is its chance. For me, Panzer Dragoon has always been about immersion, playing it on a big screen without distractions.

Being on the Switch could have influenced its art direction though; seeing how it’s a more kid friendly system. They chose to brighten it up, or add more color, so to speak. I think in the end it should have been on PS4 or Xbox. That way it could be optimized with the greatest amount of graphic fidelity.

It might sell better on the Switch though with the systems popularity alone, so there’s that. Plenty of people will see it on the Eshop. So, if Zwei does equally well, a Saga remake will be more plausible!

I think the Switch is the best of the 3 consoles to have a niche genre have a return to. I look at Blaster Master Zero’s relative success as well as other retro-styled games. While Panzer Dragoon debuted in the 32 bit era as a AAA title, the current environment wouldn’t allow for PD to compete with the likes of Gears of War, Halo and so forth. The Switch is also hurting for 3rd party support so Panzer Dragoon actually has room to develop a following among its playerbase.

That said, I’m going to wait for the PC port. The port job retains the sense of colorfulness of the original but relies far too much on overlighting (especially the horizon line during the boss segment) to create the sense of magical realism I experienced on the Saturn. I’m worried particularly about PD2Z, which has an art style with an almost completely different color palette to produce the signature style we’re accustomed.