Whats everyone's favorite movie?


Keanu Reeves can act, personally I thought he did a good job in Constantine and Thumbsucker.


Well, I haven’t seen Thumbsucker so I can’t comment on that but Constantine was basically Neo…who’d taken up smoking. At least they didn’t get him to try a Cockney accent.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Keanu’s movies and him as an actor, but, yeah, he does have his limits.


Anyone seen the Keanu Reeves skits from Mad TV? I don’t remember the impersonator’s name right now, his Keanu Reeves Acting School bit was one of the best ever on that show.

Still he sold the Neo character as well as anyone could… except when he was running or flexing. :anjou_embarassed:

I can’t pick a fave either, and in no particualr order here’s a few that have impressed me the most for various reasons…

American Beauty (existentialism made sexy)

Kung Fu Kult Master (some absurd kind of genius, too good to be finished :anjou_disappointment: )

Goodfellas (yeah another “best picture” sue me, it just doesn’t get any better)

Rashomon (other Kurosawa films I’d call more entertaining, this one speaks to my personality more directly)

Our Man in Havana (maybe for concept as much as executuion, Sir Alec’s gotte be represented though)


Excellent choice. Akira Kurosawa’s films are some of the few true masterpieces in the film industry.

My favorite would ultimately have to be The Shawshank Redemption. For those that I’ve seen it, I’m sure you can understand why.


He’s good in Devil’s Advocate… And also good in older low-low-low budget movies where he played anything down to a surfer dude type…



That answer your question?


My favorite films are:

Jerry Maguire
Ghost in the Shell 2
Terminator 2
War of the Worlds (Spielberg’s remake)
Shanghai Knights
As good as it gets


oh yeah i forgot to mention Oldboy, that was the best film I watched last year!


cant settle on one

Empire Strikes Back / Blade Runner / Alien.