The Future of the Forums


My Internet connection is always slow though, so it’s probably not a good comparison.


Everything has been loading fine for me, I’ve not noticed anything at all.


It was slow for me yesterday but it’s ok now.


Okay I’ve decided: we’ll stick with this legacy phpBB system for now. I can’t justify the overhead of running a Discourse instance, given the low activity here. I’ll look into adding Forem or a similar minimal forum system to the main site’s content management system in the long term to keep everything together and well archived. In the meantime, please post in this topic to have your Dragoon profile linked with your forum account: … php?t=4206


[quote=“Scott”]Judging by the rate the forum is being used I think its pretty safe to leave things as they are…

As fun as it is to update and tinker with new software, I don’t believe it will be a good use of time vs community happiness! I’ve been there before many times haha

just my 2 cents anyway[/quote]

Pretty much this. The forum is pretty minimalistic as it is, and that suits it best considering this forum is so quiet these days anyways.


This new forum is really weird and confusing. I miss the old forums, but I know they won’t be coming back.


Specific issues?


I think the most important thing is to make things user-friendly and increase activity. I think the forums need a darker color scheme, however.


The long term plan is to implement a darker colour scheme.

You guys will need to communicate what you mean by confusing, werid, or not user-friendly. Otherwise I will not be able to improve things.


It is just completely different than any forum I’ve been on before. I feel lost trying to figure it out. There is no specific issue other than me being confused by a type of forum I’ve never seen before.


Don’t worry. It’s not that complicated. Activity was low before anyway. The old forums really needed an upgrade.


Feel free to make a topic if you have any specific questions or issues - myself or one of the other members here will be happy to help you out.

Discourse is very new forum software but I expect more sites will start using it, so it is worth getting familiar with.