Sonic Mania! Sonic returns to his 2D roots! Finally!



Alright, I know everybody loves this games but tell me how do I do so that this game clics with me…


Did you grow up with the original Sonic games? That is a large part of the appeal of Mania, to play another game similar to those 16-bit classics. It’s a nostalgia kick through and through.



But I want to take the hype train, how do I do, seems like my brain doesn’t understand how to enjoy the mechanics of this game :roll_eyes:


For me, a large part of the appeal of the 16-bit Sonic games is the fact that Sonic controls like a ball. I encourage you to roll through the levels as much as you can; this will be easier once you’ve learnt the layout and know where the traps are. The momentum based physics creates a real flow as you jump and roll through the levels (this is something Sonic 4 and the 3D games did not replicate). If you go back to Sonic 1, you’ll see that he doesn’t have spin dash in the original game. This forces you to use Sonic’s momentum to run up loops and smash through walls. Most importantly, none of the momentum is automated and since Sonic doesn’t run too fast in these games, you really feel like you are in control.


Don’t worry - I have a friend who grew up with the 16-bit Sonic games and he was super pumped for Sonic Mania, but is just absolutely awful at it and can’t complete it. I’ve no idea how he’s managed to regress to the point where another of our friend’s early-school age daughter is better at the game than he is.

So, it could be worse.


You kinda have to be a special kind of cool kid to enjoy Sonic. If you missed the train, forget it. You ain’t ever gonna be part of the elite group. Your childhood is non-existent too.