Sky: Light Awaits (from the developer of Journey)

It looks a lot like Journey.

The game is exclusive to iOS and tvOS. Luckily I do use iOS and was planning to upgrade my phone soon anyway. And I do think that the minimalist philosophy behind thatgamecompany’s games is a good match for Apple’s similar focus on subtraction. That said, it would be preferable if other players are able to play this besides Apple users, especially as Sky is published by thatgamecompany itself (unlike Journey, which was published by Sony), so hopefully the exclusivity is only timed.

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I like this poetic style, I’m still hoping to get my hands on a Journey collector copy for my PS4… at a descent price.

Regarding this new game on Apple platforms, I agree it will match perfectly this minimalism approach. Still considering getting this X…

For any upgrade, I consider whether I’m likely to benefit from the new features in a significant way. E.g. the new Face ID on the iPhone X is cool, but it’s more of a “nice to have” than a feature rather than something that will significantly enhance my day-to-day use of the phone. The wireless charging is a lot more interesting to me, especially with the AirPower charging mat that can charge up to three devices at once. That’s available on the iPhone 8 as well, so I might end up getting that. I’m currently using a damaged iPhone 5C, so any of the current iPhone lineup will be an significant upgrade.

Normally iOS games work on older devices too, so it seems unlikely that Sky will require one of the new iPhone models to run. But it won’t hurt to have that extra power either, especially as the game is being developed with the 4K Apple TV in mind.

Yea i’m on iphone 6S and used to change every two years and re sell my old phone not to loose too much but the X is… really breaking the budget, we’ll see.

I just purchased the Journey’s collector for PS4 + Abzu tonight. I wonder if I can finish them all in one night LOL
needed something ‘light’ after the dark games

Enjoy Journey. :anjou_happy: Flower is also worth playing and comes with the Journey Collector’s Edition. It doesn’t matter which order you play them in.

Also, Sky appears to be just a timed exclusive: “Sky is a multi-platform game about giving, first coming to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV”. Source.

Flower has been ported to iOS:

Beta version playable in the next 24 hours with TestFlight (iOS) if you’ve signed up to their email list.

I’ve held off trying the beta as I want to experience this game in a finished state.

Some news: Sky has been confirmed for an additional platform: macOS. It’s odd seeing a game come to Mac before Windows, but it makes sense given the (timed?) exclusivity to Apple platforms.

This game has been released to the general public now. I took some screenshots:

Did it come out for PC at all?

It’s not available on PC at this time. I’ve been playing on iOS. Keep in mind that this game was designed for mobile devices and is a free to play title, so adjust your expections accordingly. It’s not “Journey 2”. But it has a lot in common with Journey.

Well, it’s coming out for the Switch Summer 2020!

Would still prefer a PC version though…