Should the Will of the Ancients be sponsored?

I personally think that you should only do it if you know that you will gain out of it…

I have a feeling what it will be mostly used for is a link to their site… They might not buy something straight away but bookmark it and get it later, cutting you off of the profits (i think)

Well I’d think if anyone from here was gonna buy something he’d sacrifice himself and suffer the extra mouse click in order for TWOTA to have a little gain from his buy :slight_smile:

hehe, yeah of course anyone from here would… but people in general are the ones this is aimed at…

…And this is why we are talking about having banners on this website and not on some random general website where random people in general go to… Sure not every TWOTA visitor is a member of these forums but I’m betting most of them are…

My engrish makes me look bad once agehn : by sponsor you mean those guys are giving you money in exchange for publicity right?

Yeah, basically. If anyone clicked on a link from TWotA that led to Lik-Sang and bought something, TWotA would get about 8% of the money that Lik-Sang got from that purchase.

But, I’ve decided not to go ahead with it now, so that’s that.

Well I supprt your decision.Such links are unhealthy and unworthy of the words Panzer Dragoon. :slight_smile: