Panzer Dragoon gets a history lesson

[quote=“Heretic Agnostic”]
That they called Orta the best game of the series, was the final proof this person should never have written an article of this sort.[/quote]

As big a fan as I am of Orta, that saying(from the author) is utterly ludicrous.

Panzer Dragoon Saga may have aged graphically, especially in the towns(LORD especially in the towns), but everything else still causes my jaw to drop. The music really set the mood and was vastly superior to the multitude of J Pop and midi style tracks of most RPGs. And there was just no contest with the battle sequences. And the animation sequences with the in game graphics were extremely fluid compared with FF VII’s jerky puppetry. Naturally that only meant that cinematic movie sequences were doubly as beautiful, especially when you account for the evocative voice acting(that means no reading but also no poorly acted emo kids, Square!)

And really. Sometimes coarse and abstract is much more believable than shiny and exacting.