No Man's Sky



My old motherboard was supposed to support 8GB RAM, but actually would crash with anything over 4GB. So I swapped it out and now I can have 8GB fine. So, kind’ve an upgrade yes. The problem is the game still runs dog slow, averaging 22 fps (but still surprisingly playable) and I don’t know why. Neither the RAM, CPU, or GPU gets maxed out so I can only assume the game is coded like crap.

I don’t think I’d even scratched the surface of the game in 10 hours. I probably haven’t seen anything new since then, but I’ve learned lots about the game mechanics and had a lot of fun exploring in the 35 hours since then.


I’ve given a friends copy a go. Given you have the right mind set going into the game I think it’s pretty fun. I’ve likened it to Minecraft in the sense that setting you might need to set your own goals rather than the game directly saying to go to x or do y. I have a few friends who are loving it so far.

It definitely isn’t worth the price point they have it set at. £20 would’ve been fair, I’d have said. It’s disappointing they didn’t meet the expectations they themselves set, they probably wouldn’t be in half the trouble they are now had they chosen to communicate clearly. Even a month before release they were showing footage that wasn’t representative of the final game.

I know plenty of people who are loving it but they seem to be mainly those that didn’t pick up on the hype prior to the release and are enjoying it for what it is. Personally I wanted to co-op to be in so badly that when they announced there wasn’t going to be any, that immediately killed my interest for getting the game myself.

Well there’s Star Citizen coming I suppose, which is starting to sound like what people wanted from No Man’s Sky.


There’s also Empyrion - Galactic Survival which was recently released as an early access game. No idea if it’s any good, but the reviews so far are positive.


The price tag, coupled with the hype from Sony and promised features from the devs that never made it into the game, is probably the cause for the huge expectations people had for this game. I didn’t buy the game and I don’t think I will at this point, regardless of the price tag. This is basically what should have been an early access game that was instead released at full price (basically what Subnautica did, and it got a lot more positive reviews than No Man’s Sky).


No Man’s Sky wouldn’t work well as an early access game. Whenever the algorithm is changed, all of the planets would reset, resulting in lost saves. No Man’s Sky is the kind of game where you really don’t want to lose your progress.

The hype reminds me of Project Ego back in 2004. I remember reading that you could plant an acorn and it would grow into a tree over time. The final game reached no where near the scale of those promises; nevertheless Fable still turned out to be a good game.

If they can afford it, Hello Games would be wise to release some DLC for No Man’s Sky for free or at least drop the price quickly to make up for some of the negative responses. I certainly agree that the price is steep for what it is, but it’s also a new kind of game and it’s this kind of innovation that I’m happy to support.


I hear they will be releasing new features for free, base builder, also something to do with the freighters I think? I haven’t been paying too much attention because I wanted to play the game as it is first.

I completed the Atlas path over the weekend. Took me 47 hours so far, and I’m not even anywhere near the centre of the universe yet.


Was it worth spending all that time to complete the game or is it much the same experience just messing around and doing your own thing?


I haven’t completed it, I think reaching the centre of the universe would be that, and I’m pretty far away right now!

I’d say it’s been worth it. I’ve enjoyed every moment of playing, never been frustrated or bored. When I got tired of one planet I would just warp to the next.

Once I had enough resources I did just end up warping for place to place to get closer to my goals, without doing any investigating. I don’t see that changing.


So I was really hyped about the game - but the hype for me was that it was played in the same world as others - so you could meet someone, but chances were very low.

Alas, it turned out there was no multiplayer feature at all, and eventually Steam changed the info box from multiplayer to single player. If it was said to be single player from the start… i probably wouldn’t have been hyped at all!


I’d forgotten about this thread! I still play, edging ever closer to the centre. I’m less than 20k light years away now. Hopefully this weekend I will reach the centre and can call it a day.

I too was miffed about the lack of multiplayer. I envisaged that I’d have met up with a friend and we’d travel to the centre together, but it was not to be.

I wouldnt go as far as to say it’s a good game.


When I heard there was no multiplayer I started to question the games direction. I think this game would have worked well as a smaller Journey-type game where you play with friends online; and only explore “one” unknown solar system. I think that would have been perfect.

Generating an infinite number of possibilities within the confines of the game engine, ends up generating infinite repetition. There can only be so many planet types, so many flora and fauna patterns, so many geological or man-made structures, which can only be randomly placed in so many limited ways before the sense of purpose is lost and things become repetitive…

With one, large, solar system, they could have focused more on the diversity, architecture, uniqueness, and mystery of a handful of planets. Maybe you would have found remnants of one major civilization that scattered colonies or cities across said solar system. The mystery would have unfolded as you got closer to the center, finding an artificial planet orbiting the sun. You would have started from the outside, with your main objective being, to get to the center of the solar system (with other online players to uncover the mystery of the ancient civilization.)


Has anyone tried the 1.3 update? Multiplayer, improved story mode, and a bunch of other features. I lost interest in the initial version quickly, but might give it another try.


I’d be interested to hear what others think of the updates too. I played too much vanilla NMS to return to it just yet.


This is interesting (and very generous):

I must admit, I lost interest in No Man’s Sky quite early on (like many others it seems). Now that this multiplayer update is out, it might be a good time to revisit the game. Is anyone else interested (PC version)? I bought the game from Humble (activated on Steam) meaning that I’m not eligible for this refund, so might as well make the most of it.


Wait, what? They STILL don’t have multiplayer?!


The GOG version doesn’t have multiplayer. I’m not sure why… there’s plenty of other multiplayer games on GOG.


Steam exclusivity maybe?


Possibly using Steam specific code or APIs for the multiplayer. I’ve wondered if that’s part of the reason why Skyrim hasn’t made to it GOG (Steam Workshop is used for mod distribution). Even though GOG has Galaxy which supports cross play now, I imagine some additional effort would be required to get that up and running.

In any case, are you going to try the multiplayer, @Shadow?


No, I’m done with the game for a long time. I spent too much time on it already. I’m sure it’s better now but I’d rather use my time to play new games.