Nintendo Mulls New Business Model

Its not trolling its saying the blinding bloody obvious .

Nintendo pipelines are way behind that of MS and SONY who’s been use to making High Def games since 2005, Nintendo are selling off 2005 tech as next gen with a rubbish gimmicks that even Nintendo had yet to make any really use of . Nintendo is 2 generations behind that of MS and SONY for On-Line gaming now , so when most people want to game on-line with FIFA or COD they’ll use Live or PSN and 3rd party support just isn;t there on the Wii U and will only get worse when the 3rd parties shut down their 360 and PS3 lines and go fully for XBox 1 and PS4 pipelines.

Handheld Ninetendo are fine in the Home console market they had better days are in serious trouble when it comes to market share and retail and 3rd party support

No, it’s not trolling to state the obvious about the WiiU being a flop if someone asks your opinion or if it’s the discussion topic, but it’s trolling to state it in response to someone inquiring about the investors meeting or about Nintendo’s business plans as if nothing there could be of interest to people who like reading about what’s happening in this industry.

Anyway, the investor Q&A has been translated, some answers expand on the report. A5 on the 2nd page for example has details about how they’re thinking to go about integrating the future home and handheld devices further. Previously they seemed eager to stress this wouldn’t necessarily mean sharing hardware and software but this answer shows that is also a very clear possibility as benefits like combating software droughts are mentioned. … index.html

The fact that Nintendo is openly talking of of a new business plan just shows how much trouble there are in for Marketshare (not money worries btw)

Nintendo has just lost to much ground to SONY and MS when it comes to developing games in HD;the size and money needed to develop in High Def. Nintendo aren’t even in most people thoughts when it comes to On-Line yet PSN and LIVE games are in their 2nd and 3rd generation of on-line games and friends lists respectfully , and then Nintendo have just hemorrhage retail and 3rd party support for their home console and that’s the trouble when you chase the casual gamer at the expense of the Die Hard gamer

Nintendo simply don’t develop enough games In-House, don’t make enough new IP and lack the 3rd party support to make up the numbers and that’s what you need for people to go in the shops and buy the games and where as MS and SONY are making millions on LIVE and PSN transactions Nintendo are losing out big time .
Nintendo money wise are fine for decades and their Handheld sector is fine , their home console division is dying a death and already the XBox 1 and PS4 has beaten the Wii U and nothing coming from Nintendo shows that they are going to address the issues and tbh they can’t now , its too late .

Nintendo should just do a SEGA for this gen and that’;s just let its Teams go mad and make what every they want for the Wii U (like what Smilebit did Ect) and build on that that will please many and maybe NCL can sell 20 odd Million Wi U on th back of it . Then for the new consoles in 5 years time come out fighting with a console with the best specs they can offer and serious focus of Online gaming and some new IP and they should also add at least 1 New In-House team and a new focus and backing for 3rd parties .

I don’t even think Nintendo needs to drop out of the market. How many games are exclusive to the WiiU that require use of the tablet controller? Why not remove that device as a requirement (by patches, etc since there are not many games out for the system), drop the price substantially, turn their online network into something like Steam where you can purchase a game and it doesn’t have to be tied to one console, and advertise the hell out of it by releasing great games. Spend some dev money to port the games you want on the system that are real system sellers such as a COD (not that I like them, but they do sell the system). Maybe change the name of the system…I don’t know. These are things that I think will help them sell systems. MS backpedaled on the games must support Kinect requirement. Have Nintendo do the same. The controller isn’t selling the system. Get rid of it. Lower the price of the system to sub 200 US.