I think I’ll play it on PC first, and if it runs naff get it on Xbone when it’s cheap. I’ve just looked and actually the recommend GPU is my GPU, so hopefully won’t be too bad. The CPU requirement is also less than No Mans Sky, which doesn’t max out my processor.


So I finally managed to play Firewatch last week, after about four months. I’d been waiting for a free day so I could sit and play through it in one go. It was well worth it, and thankfully it ran okay on my PC (on high settings).

I enjoyed it. It took me five hours, but they were five hours well spent. The story was good, and had me genuinely wondering where it was going and what was going to happen next. I felt that sense of dread that something bad was going to happen, and the tension was palpable. Sure it was linear but IMO linear stories are always the best ones so no complaints there.

The only small gripes I had were that there wasn’t much consequence to your dialogue choices - I was expecting something more akin to The Walking Dead where the things you said over the radio would affect your relationship with Delilah, but that really wasn’t the case. I also didn’t have any desire to explore the map, the game did a good job of taking you everywhere you needed to go. I’ve heard there are secrets and easter eggs in the game but I never really wanted to go and find any.

Hopefully Campo Santo will make another game like Firewatch in the future, maybe even a sequel. There’s no reason both the main characters could do the fire watch again next year, after parting to live their lives for several months. I really enjoyed it so with a few improvements I think I may even love a successor.


It took me around five hours to complete as well, but apparently the average is 3-4… perhaps we savour games a bit more than most.

I felt that the story ended in the right place. It’s essentially a tale about escapism and the consequences of that, so a sequel prolonging that theme further risks undermining the ending. There’s no real need to explore the map; the route through the game felt more like a hike; there’s beautiful scenery all around, but there’s no need to go off the beaten track to enjoy it. It’s not Skyrim and doesn’t need to be. It would have been nice if your (Henry’s) choices had more consequences though.

Anyway, I’m glad you finally got to play Firewatch. :anjou_happy: