Downloads section clean up


The current downloads section is a bit of a mess. It lists downloads without the visitor really knowing what they’re downloading. Some of those downloads won’t work on modern operating systems either. Some of those skins and themes are so old they may only work on Windows XP, or dare I say it, Windows 98.

If anyone wants to help out, I’d like to obtain a screenshot, plus application version and operating system version that the download has been tested with, and list these next to each download. If the download doesn’t work on Windows 10, it should probably warn the visitor of this before they waste their time trying to get it to work.


I imagine that for some of these, it might be worth labeling them as “legacy” downloads. It’s nice to keep an archive of these but realistically I don’t see a lot of people downloading Winamp themes for example.


That’s a good idea - perhaps a new category called “Legacy Downloads”? I imagine people will be most interested in seeing what those skins looked like (for nostalgia reasons), so adding a screenshot might be more important than the actual download in such cases.


Actually I was thinking a screenshot wasn’t really necessary in that case, but I see your point.


Adding screenshots is more about polish in any case. It’s something I want to add to other sections as well (e.g. videos), making browsing the site both a more informative and visual experience.