'Dead In Its Tracks. Taboo Golia's Doom' by Michael Gadsby

A new fan art from Michael Gadsby:

Original link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156677504746813

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Archive link: https://www.panzerdragoonlegacy.com/pictures/2141-dead-in-its-tracks-taboo-golias-doom-pen-on-paper

I have to say, this was probably my favourite boss fight in the game. It has a really epic feeling to it, with the music and immense size of the golia leaping around next the dragon.

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He’s made a colour version now. :anjou_happy:

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Archive link: https://www.panzerdragoonlegacy.com/pictures/2182-dead-in-its-tracks-taboo-golias-doom-colour